Efficiency of oil products export is discussed at Palace of Independence

21 January 2020
Alternative supplies, growth reserves and global market forecasts are being discussed at the Palace of Independence. The entire petrochemical complex is operating in difficult conditions. The tax maneuver of the main supplier of raw materials did not benefit the republican budget. Recycling-oriented factories are also affected. Alternative supply options are needed. The goal is to purchase 30-40% of the required oil volumes in the Russian market.

Russian companies stopped supplying raw materials to Belarusian refineries because of price disagreement from the beginning of the year. Alexander Lukashenko ordered to conclude alternative contracts for the uninterrupted operation of Belarusian factories. A consignment of Norwegian oil will be delivered to Lithuanian port "Klaipeda" tomorrow. 80,000 tons of raw materials will be processed at Novopolotsk Naftan.