BelAZ to test first unmanned vehicles in Siberia

7 November 2018

The project of the Union State of Belarus and Russia is 136-ton dump truck and a loader: they are controlled remotely thanks to the satellite navigation system. In general, remote control is a global trend for machine builders: it is becoming more and more difficult and sometimes impossible for people to work in quarries. And the drivers of the giant trucks themselves are simply not enough

Such extreme working conditions are pushing industrialists to introduce unmanned vehicles.

A couple of three buckets of coal and the loaded dump truck is ready to go: straight into the quarry, the car is moving back, without a U-turn.

BelAZ plans to upgrade the unmanned control system and 10 mining dump trucks in Morocco. The next step is delivery to Russia and the second complex of 5 cars. And only after an intensive test drive with a length of a year, serial production of UAV dump trucks will be discussed. Alexey Kondratenko and Andrey Khristin. TV news agency.