USA transfers to Belarus drug trafficker hiding from prosecution

18 October 2018

The extradition procedure took place the night before at the National Airport "Minsk". A 21-year-old resident of Grodno was convicted in Belarus for drug trafficking (back in June 2015) and in May In 2016, a young man was detained under a similar article. During the investigation, the suspect disappeared from justice, in connection with which he was charged in absentia with accusations of "Illicit drug trafficking" and "evading the serving of punishment in the form of restriction of freedom". In August 2017 the criminal was detained in the US for fraud.

Sergei Kabakovich, official representative of the investigative committee of Belarus: "Taking into account the fact that the acquisition and storage of psychotropic substances are considered criminal in the United States, and also following the provisions of the above memorandum, the American side made a positive decision to transfer him to the Belarusian side."