Symphony orchestra

Symphony orchestra

Симфонический оркестрThe Symphony Orchestra of the National Television and Radio Company of Belarus was created in 1958. The orchestra’s main creative directions of activity are audio- and video recordings, broadcast of concert programs via radio and TV, performance of classical and modern music in concerts.

Симфонический оркестр

The history of the orchestra is closely connected with Belarusian composers and performers. The orchestra performed and made audio records of the opening nights of all important symphonic and vocal-symphonic pieces of music of Belarusian composers.
A great period in the history of the orchestra is connected with the name of wonderful Belarusian conductor Boris Raiski.

The orchestra cooperated with the best Belarusian and foreign conductors and soloists, such as Vitaly Kataev, Gennady Provatorov, Ilmar Lapinsh, Konstantin Krimets, Dmitry Alekseev, Igor Olovnikov, Andrey Sikorsky, Cheslav Grabovsky, Wilhelm Keitel, Valentin Uryupin, Erki Pehk, Vyacheslav Chernukho (Volich) and others. These remarkable musicians made a notable contribution to the creative history of the symphony orchestra.

The orchestra successfully performs classical music programs in Belarus and abroad. The orchestra team has performed in Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Japan, Turkey, China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria.


Recently, the team has carried out a number of creative projects: Opera in Pajamas, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Interactive performance with the orchestra for the whole family.

Young conductors Yuri Karavaev and Vladimir Ovodok are currently working with the orchestra. Main conductor of the symphony orchestra of Belteleradiocompany is Alexander Sosnovsky.