Sequence of performance at Junior Eurovision determined



Organizers and directors of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 determine the order of performances at the main show on November 25 in the Minsk-Arena.

During the opening ceremony of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, the draw of the competition was held at the National Exhibition Center BelExpo. According to the rules of the European Broadcasting Union, countries were identified that will perform under the first and last numbers, as well as the sequence number of Belarus, the hostess of the forum.

The presenters Evgeny Perlin, Zena (Zina Kupriyanovich) and Helena Meraai pulled out number 8 for the representative of our country Daniel Yastremsky. Fans of Junior Eurovision found out that the young performer from Ukraine will be the first to light the main show, and the representative of Poland will close the competition program.

After the opening ceremony, the organizers of the forum together with the director of the show named the order of performances of all the participating countries: 1. Ukraine, 2. Portugal, 3. Kazakhstan, 4. Albania, 5. Russia, 6. The Netherlands, 7. Azerbaijan, 8. Belarus , 9. Ireland, 10. Serbia, 11. Italy, 12. Australia, 13. Georgia, 14. Israel, 15. France, 16. Macedonia, 17. Armenia, 18. Wales, 19. Malta, 20. Poland.

The organizer of all the events of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is the National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus as the only member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in our country.