Radio "Belarus" becomes more mobile

Press release

New opportunities for listening to the programs of the international radio "Belarus" on the Internet and on mobile platforms have appeared thanks to the collaboration with International MediaBay Alliance LLC (MediaBay). 

MediaBay is an international multimedia service (headquartered in St. Louis, USA) that provides online relay services for television and radio programs. The company provides streaming of broadcasters from Western Europe, Russia, the CIS countries and Central Asia. The number of regular subscribers of the service is about 850,000 per month, and the total number of visitors reaches 28 million.

Relaying on the website, as well as in the MediaBay mobile application, is another channel that provides "Belarus" radio audience with information and analytical content in 9 broadcast languages online. By downloading the MediaBay mobile application for free in the App Store or Google Play, students will learn about the most important international events in Belarus, the main events in the socio-political, socio-economic and cultural life of the country, the development and prospects of cooperation with foreign countries.