One can vote for their favorites at Junior Eurovision-2018 with just a few clicks


Press release

The voting procedure of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has been announced. The voting mechanism introduced by the European Broadcasting Union in 2017 remained the same: it is the opinion of the national jury from each of the participating countries, plus the results of the online audience voting on the official website of the song forum.

Audience voting on the Junior Eurovision website will begin on November 23 and will last until the beginning of the grand final concert on November 25 at 18.00. Then, after the live performance of all contestants, the opportunity to vote will become available again, but only for 15 minutes. The results of the audience voting will be summarized with the voting results of the national jury from each of the twenty countries participating in the competition. Thus the winner of the current competition will be determined.

According to the voting rules, one can choose from three to five favorite contestants, including the representative of one’s own country, after watching videos of the singers on the official website of the forum

One can support young performers on the Internet from any stationary or mobile device: computer, tablet or mobile phone.

This Sunday young talents from Ukraine, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Albania, Russia, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ireland, Serbia, Italy, Australia, France, Macedonia, Armenia, Wales, Malta and Poland will come on the stage of the Minsk-Arena, according to the draw held on November 19.

The organizer of all events of the Junior Eurovision-2018 is the National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus as the only member of the European Broadcasting Union in our country.