Official Belarusian delegation leaves for Tel Aviv to partake in Eurovision 2019 on May 3

Information message

The official Belarusian delegation, which includes representatives of Belteleradiocompany, ZENA and its creative team, will leave for Tel Aviv on the Eurovision Song Contest-2019 on May 3. Belarus takes part in the most popular song show in Europe for the 16th time. The official representative of our country ZENA will perform her composition "LIKE IT" number eight in the first semi-final on 14 May.

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be held in Israel fr om May 14 to 18.

This year, about 1,600 journalists fr om Israel and other countries of the world are expected in the Eurovision press center, wh ere starting  May 4, 12 press conferences with representatives of 41 participating countries will be organized. Tens of thousands of foreign tourists will arrive in Tel Aviv to watch the competition, so about 500 volunteers will be involved in the song forum. More than 200 million viewers from all over Europe and other countries of the world will be able to see the broadcast of the competition. 

ZENA, like the other participants, will hold several individual rehearsals in Tel Aviv, the first of which will take place on 4 May. The second rehearsal of the representative of Belarus at Eurovision is scheduled for May 9. On the same days, individual press conferences of our participant will take place.

The official opening of Euroweek featuring our delegation will take place on May 12 in Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The red carpet of the competition this year will be replaced by an orange one and transferred to Habima Theater and Habima Square - a large public space in the center of the city, around which there are a number of cultural institutions: theaters, palaces of culture, pavilions of modern art. And on May 14, the first semi-final of the competition will be held in Israel, and ZENA will perform number 8 in it with her song "LIKE IT".

The TV channels Belarus 1 and international satellite channel Belarus 24, will traditionally broadcast the two semi-finals and the final of the competition.

The Belarusian participant is prepared for the Eurovision Song Contest by  Belteleradiocompany as the only member of the European Broadcasting Union in the country.

It will be possible to learn about the most important and interesting events taking place with our delegation during the competition from the stories of the TV News Agency of Belteleradiocompany and the traditional 16-minute diaries "Eurovision. Results of the week" on Sundays at 16.20. And on May 4, It will broadcast daily three-minute issues of the diaries of "Eurovision-2019".