Broadcast of European Games to become summer’s main television event

Press release

From 21 to 30 June, our country will host the II European Games 2019. Belteleradiocompany is actively preparing for this multisports event. Programs dedicated to the continental forum have already been launched on the air of the television and radio channels of the media holding. The audience will be offered dozens of various thematic projects, live broadcasts of the opening and closing ceremonies of the competition on Belarus 1 and all competitions with participation of domestic athletes in the roll call mode on Belarus 2. The channels Belarus 5 and Belarus 5. Internet will broadcast round the clock.

The European Games will bring together the best athletes of the continent for the second time, and our country has the honor of hosting the multisports forum. In scale, these competitions can be compared with the Winter Olympics. 199 sets of medals will be awarded in 23 disciplines that represent 15 sports. Competitions in 8 sports will become qualifying for the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, and boxing and judo tournaments will be held in the rank of European Championships.

More than 4,000 athletes, about 2,000 coaches and support staff from 50 European national teams, including our best specialists and athletes, will arrive in Minsk. Within 10 days they will be competing for the highest places.

A half-billion world television audience is awaiting the II European Games in Minsk! The largest sporting event of this year will be seen on almost all continents. An international team will work on the coverage of the multisports forum.

Belteleradiocompany as the main broadcaster of the II European Games will show the maximum number of competitions. During the Games, the media holding plans to create about 600 hours of video content in total. The broadcast of the competition will be carried out by the channels Belarus 1, Belarus 2, Belarus 5 and Belarus 5. Internet.

Practically all the staff of the media holding, including sports commentators and special correspondents, directors, operators and technical staff will work at the II European Games. In order to better convey the intensity of the competition to sports fans, the live coverage of the II European Games will be based on the experience of large-scale coverage of the Olympic Games, organizing the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk and the European Biathlon Championship 2019 in Raubichi.

At the II European Games, the mobile television station Alexandryna will be joined by four state-of-the-art stations - Euphrasinia, Yanina, Ragneda and Paulіna, which will be used to cover 5 sports disciplines. By the way, one of the platforms will capture cycling on the track and on the highway. The mobile stations will cover the opening and closing ceremonies, athletics at the Dinamo stadium, all types of acrobatics and gymnastics at the Minsk-Arena, wrestling and sambo in the Sports Palace. Before the II European Games, all the mobile television stations undergo on-air test drives.

The TV crew will work individually for each of the presented sports. For example, in cycling races, cameras will be installed on helicopters and bikes, and during rowing and canoeing competitions - on catamarans and quadcopters.

The main ceremonies of the continental championship will be watched by viewers of the TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 5. The opening ceremony of the II European Games 2019 will be held on June 21 at the National Olympic Stadium Dinamo. Spectators will enjoy a bright dynamic show and a colorful parade of the participating countries, as well as the completion of the torch relay the Flame of Peace. Now the torch with symbolic fire of competitions is travelling to different parts of our country and has recently visited the Mir Castle, where the medals of the upcoming sports forum were presented.

Less than a month is left until the moment when the flame of the II European Games will be lit at the Minsk Dinamo Stadium. The crew of Belteleradiocompany’s TV News Agency continues to guide viewers along the entire Flame of Peace route. Journalists Victoria Senkevich, Tatyana Nekrasova, Svetlana Pankratova have already participated in the relay race in the Brest region and passed the torch to famous athletes, artists, and public figures.

In addition, the project Our Games of the TV News Agency is aired on Belarus 1. It is devoted to the preparations made for competitions: from issues of accommodation, food and equipment to teaching foreign languages to personnel and the production of souvenirs. The information picture will be supplemented by the project National Team of Belarus, in which journalists will present the rules and the national team for each sport. The project Facility Passport of the TV News Agency has already managed to acquaint viewers with the main venues of the competition. In an easy and relaxed manner the weekly diaries of the II European Games Игры.by cover the most relevant news and give away invitations to the main events of the multisports forum.

The first channel is already airing presentation videos that will tell the guests of the forum not only about our country, about its sports and cultural life, but also show in detail how Belarus was preparing for the continental forum.

On the channel Belarus 2, the competitions will be broadcast in a roll call format so as not to miss a single competition with participation of Belarusian athletes.

The TV channel Belarus 5 will work around the clock at the time of the II European Games. The sports channel of the media holding will show in real-time mode the competitions outside the Belarus 2 broadcast network. In the evening it will offer the highlights. A large number of competitions will be held simultaneously. For the viewers to have a choice, all the Games 2019 will be offered in the recording as well.

During the broadcasts specialized studios of the Belarus 5 channel will work in the arenas, where coaches, athletes, winners, and guests of the European Games - 2019 will be invited.

We recall that in April, Belarus 5 started the cycle of programs Our Olympiad, timed to the II European Games. Each episode reveals the most interesting events and facts about upcoming competitions. Host Gennady Voitovich tests the main facilities of the continental forum, offers Belarusian athletes unusual challenges and learns the most exclusive information about the training of athletes from their trainers.

Belarus 5 introduces the participants of the Belarusian team at the II European Games to fans with the help of special videos. At the time of the Games the sports channel will launch 12 new projects informing of the schedule of competitions and the next broadcasts, the names of the winners and awardees and much more. The special program Results of the Day will daily familiarize fans with the results of the competitions, and the news channel Eurocenter will be aired on Belarus 5 five times a day. Viewers of the channel will be offered a large number of thematic programs, including projects in the format of a talk show - Opening and Closing, dedicated to the solemn ceremonies on June 21 and 30. The details of these projects are still kept secret by the authors, but they promise many surprises on air.

Belarus 5. Internet will be broadcast in its standard form - without comments. By the way, the competitions that will be broadcasted on TV channels will be aired on the Internet channel as well, but they will be shown fully.

Belteleradiocompany invites all sports fans to enjoy the II European Games from June 21 to 30 together with the TV channels of the media holding!