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27 April 2016

Council of Ministers approves action plan for implementing updated Directive №3

The Council of Ministers approved the action plan for implementing the updated Directive №3 "On priority directions of strengthening economic security." The plan includes 4 sections. The first one provides for the systematic diversification of exports. The second one features the creation of conditions for increasing the output of innovative and high-tech products. The third section involves a fundamental change in the quality management of the industrial complex in order to get closer to European levels of productivity. The fourth point is about the improvement of energy security. The plan also identifies specific executives of these tasks. The deadline is 2020.

The document comes into force after its official publication.

Belarus continues to accept applications for "Entrepreneur of the Year" national contest

Applications for participation in the national contest "Entrepreneur of the Year" are accepted till May 2, inclusive. This was reported at a briefing in the Ministry of Economy of Belarus. Candidates are being nominated actively in all regions. Participants from the capital, as well as Minsk and Mogilev regions show particular interest in the contest. Companies which employ from 15 to 150 persons will be able to compete on equal terms. Participants can choose five nominations. The jury will be assessing the work of the company during the recent five years.

The award is to take place in August. It is expected that the winner will be able to take advantage of the preferential loan of 10 billion Belarusian rubles for the implementation of his\her project.

The last days of April in Belarus will be sunny and clear

Today, according to weather forecasts, the long-awaited warmth will return to Belarus. The thermometers will register 15 degrees centigrade. The same warm and sunny weekend is expected. Light rain will be observed only in certain areas of the country. And on Sunday, in the south of Belarus the air will get warm till 20 degrees centigrade.

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