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1 July 2016 13:00

Lukashenko presents state awards to distinguished people of Belarus

On the eve of the Independence Day President Alexander Lukashenko presented state awards to the distinguished people of Belarus. The list includes 40 persons. These are representatives of law enforcement bodies, rescuers, medical workers, pedagogues, people of art. Among the awardees are both ministers and non-management employees. By carrying out their official duties, they have made a great contribution into the country’s development. According to the head of the state, in life there are no sectors of secondary importance. National defense and security, economy, education, science, culture, sports, social security are crucial for the well-being of our state.

Belarusian official currency redenominated

Today Belarusians will see the new banknotes. As a result of redenomination the bills have lost four zeros. In addition, for the first time in the history of sovereign Belarus coins have been put into circulation. The new money will appear today in every third ATM. However, one can still pay for all the goods and services with old-type banknotes. Full transition to the new system will be completed within 24 hours.

Starting from July 1, refinancing rate fixed at 20% per annum

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has reduced the refinancing rate by 2 points. Now it stands at 20% per annum. The interest rates on loans, which commercial banks lend to the individuals and companies, have been reduced respectively. According to experts, first of all, the decision was caused by a slowdown of inflationary processes. This is the third decline since the beginning of the year. In total, the refinancing rate has been reduced by 5 percentage points.


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