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13 April 2016

Alexander Lukashenko visits the National Ground control complex of satellite communication and broadcasting system

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko visited the National Ground control complex in Stankovo. It controls the satellite “BelinterSat-1”. The complex is an important part of the national satellite communication and broadcasting system. The head of state reminded that despite the skeptics' view, a fundamental decision on the development of space technology was made. The first Belarusian Earth remote sensing satellite is operating successfully. With its launch, our country entered in the list of space-faring nations.

The President said: the project should be profitable. Under this condition, it will be possible to develop it - in particular, to launch a new satellite. Alexander Lukashenko got acquainted in detail with the prospects of the use of new communication system and met with the center’s staff.

New restrictions on packages and imported goods from abroad in Belarus

Tomorrow Belarus will introduce restrictions on postal packages and individual import of goods from abroad. People will be able to get packages worth up to 22-euro and weighing up to 10 kilograms without paying fees. The limits on the import of goods are relevant for those who cross the border more than once every four months. Goods costing no more than 300 euros, or weighing up to 20 kilograms will be imported duty-free. Any excess will be subject to customs duty, fees and VAT. Among exceptions are goods transported by air, as well as those that were previously exported and are brought back.

Russian mass-media representatives on a press tour of the Gomel region

More than 30 journalists from Russian mass media participate in a press tour of the Gomel region. This year for the first time well-known Russian bloggers are among the representatives of the mass media. Reporters attended the unveiling of the tomb of the Paskevich dukes, a unique architectural monument of the 19th century. The three-day program of the tour includes visits to museums, Polesie Radiation Ecological Reserve, agricultural and industrial enterprises, as well as a meeting with experts from Radiation Medicine Centre.

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