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12 April 2016

Alexander Lukashenko visits Space Communication Center in Stankovo

Belarus intends to follow the way of getting integrated into the global information space. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stated this as he visited the space communication center, which is being established in the town of Stankovo. It is this facility that controls the Belarusian satellite Belaintersat-1 launched in early 2016. Plans are afoot now to launch yet another space vehicle. This will help improve the quality of the space data. According to the head of state, development of the national space communication and broadcasting system will have a great spillover effect across many industries. The President emphasized the importance of targeting concrete sales markets and finding niches for the final product.

Presidium of the Council of Ministers discusses motorway service in Belarus

The Presidium of the Council of Ministers looked into development of motorway service in Belarus. Among the points on the agenda were opening of new caterings, filling and service stations, hotels, parking and camping areas.

Before 2020 the country plans to build about 160 roadside cafes. As noted by Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov, in addition to the obvious economic benefits, it will improve the country's image. Belarus lies at the intersection of international transport corridors from West to East and from North to South.

WHO praises Belarus’ progress in tobacco control

Over the past 12 years, one in ten smokers in our country quit the addiction. Significant effect was achieved thanks to the restriction of advertising and a ban on open display. The new anti-smoking law can be adopted in the near future. Such innovations as an increase in prices of cigarettes and a full ban on smoking in the streets, in parks and cafes are being discussed.

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