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12 April 2016

Retirement age raised in Belarus

Belarus raises retirement age by 3 years. Men will retire at 63, women at 58. The relevant decree has been signed by President Alexander Lukashenko. In line with the document, starting with the next year the retirement age will be gradually increased by six months annually. As commented at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the retirement age is lifted for a ll categories of citizens with a view to ensure equitability.

Delegation of Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference visits Belarus April 12-14

A delegation of Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference arrives in Belarus on a visit today. It includes 17 MPs from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia and other member countries. Belarus aspires to obtain an observer status in this influential international organization. This will help the country build up a more efficient dialog with all of the stakeholders. The agenda of the visit features meetings at the Parliament and selected Ministries. Members of the delegation are to visit Minsk Arena multifunctional athletic venue and the National Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology.

April 12 celebrates Cosmonautics Day

World celebrates Cosmonautics Day. Belarus holds a rightful place among the space-faring nations. The Belarusian space vehicle has already made over 20 thousand revolutions around the Earth and helped the country save millions of dollars. The vehicle has been in orbit for 4 years with its official guaranteed service life running out by mid-2017. Recently Belarusian researchers performed a system status check on the satellite. As it turned out, its degradation is significantly slower than planned, while its fuel supply will last at least three more years. 

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