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9 June 2016

  3rd Belarus-Russia Forum of Regions completed in Minsk

  Presidents of Belarus and Russia urge to unite efforts amid global crisis


The 3rd Belarus-Russia Forum of Regions completed in Minsk. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko took part at the plenary meeting of the forum. Prior to that the head of state met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The one-on-one talks were followed by an extended meeting.

The major accent was on economic issues. Alexander Lukashenko urged to lift restrictions in mutual trade.  More vigorous interregional cooperation would allow accelerating the pace of restoration of Belarus-Russia trade.

The Presidents of Belarus and Russia took part at the plenary meeting of the Forum of Regions and agreed to unite efforts amid the global crisis.

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin also visited the international specialized expo Belagro 2016.


  Angola's delegation visiting Belarus

  Angola uses BelAZ dump trucks in diamond-mining


Angola's delegation headed by the Minister of Geology and Mining Industry is visiting Belarus. The guests have got acquainted with the production capacity of the Belarusian Automobile Plant (BelAZ trademark). Angola has already purchased three 130-ton BelAZ vehicles and now show interest in the world's largest dump truck produced by the company. It’s noteworthy that new operators of BelAZ vehicles at the diamond-mining enterprises in Angola will be trained by Belarusian experts.



  Orthodox Christians mark Holy Thursday

  On this day deceased ancestors are commemorated


Today Orthodox Christians are marking Holy Thursday, or Ascension Day. It is traditionally celebrated on a Thursday, the 40th day after Easter observed in commemoration of Christ's ascension into Heaven.

He appeared to his apostles as the Holy Spirit and they told people one of the major truths of Christianity: the soul is eternal and it will have a meeting with the Lord.
On the eve of the holiday Orthodox churches held the solemn liturgy. On this day we commemorate the deceased ancestors.

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