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14 June 2016

Belarus' CEC announces non-budgetary fund to provide additional financing for Parliamentary Elections 2016

Belarus' Central Election Commission announced the launch of an extra-budgetary fund to secure additional financing of the parliamentary campaign. It will be formed by voluntary contributions from organizations, NGOs, and citizens of Belarus. The money will be used to produce ballots and advertisements, finance the logistics of the election commissions. The number of the extra-budgetary bank account can be found at the Commission's website.

Belarusian school graduates take centralized academic test in Russian

University enrollment campaign kicked off in Belarus. The day before school graduates did the first centralized academic test in Belarusian language. Today they will test their knowledge of Russian. By the way, this is the most popular test with prospective university students in Belarus. Almost 80 thousand school leavers signed up for it. Next in line is the test in social studies. History and geography will complete the campaign on June 27. Those unable to show up for testing on regular dates will have July 5 as an alternative this year.

World Blood Donor Day celebrated today

Today is the World Blood Donor Day. Our country alone has about 90 thousand donors. The volumes of blood and plasma reserves correspond with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Today in Belarus giving blood is encouraged financially, but there are plans to make voluntary blood donation completely gratuitous by 2020. As explained by WHO experts, this will encourage donors to provide complete information on their health status. Today, blood donor stations across Belarus are open for volunteers. Last year during a similar campaign record-breaking 220 tonnes of blood were donated. This is above the European average.

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