Беларусь 24

1 June 2016
Presidents of five countries of the Eurasian Economic union summed up the results of the first year work of the EEU at the summit in Astana (Kasakhstan). 
It showed, that the partners have unsolved problems. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko noted, that if talking about a fully-featured cooperation, the conditions should be equal for all. The presidents adopted the concepts of forming common markets of gas, oil and oil products. It will allow the participants of the integration to have a common access to the purchases of the "black gold" at the stock-exchange by 2025. The leaders also examined the issues of arranging trade and economic links with the Shanghai cooperation organization and the ASEAN. Next year, the EEU is likely to sign a free trade agreement with Israel. South Korea may be next.

A month is left until denomination of the Belarusian currency.
The preparation is nearing its completion. Since July, 1, the Belarusian currency will lose 4 zeroes. For example, 50 thousand present-day rubles will be equal to 5 new ones. Banks, caffes and shops are virtually ready for the transfer to the new money. Their denomination started as early as in April. A new Belarusian mobile app will simplify adaptation to the new banknotes. Both kinds of banknotes will be valid until the end of the current year.

Today is the International Children's Day.
It is one of the most important international dates, that has been celebrated for 70 years on the 1st of June. There are 1 million 824 thousand children in Belarus. Last year, almost 120 thousand were born. In is a record over the history of the sovereign Belarus. Ever more parents have several children. This is promoted by the system of social grants with 11 types of support. A special attention is paid to children who have no parental care. Three new family-type foster homes will be opened today. 

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