20 December 2014
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TV Channel "Belarus 2"
9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 220807, Belarus
Tel: +(375 17) 389-63-12, +(375 17) 267-75-95
Fax: +(375 17) 267-81-82, +(375 17) 263-78-48
E-mail: lad@tvr.by

TV Channel "Belarus 2"
"Belarus 2" - is the Belarus entertainment and sports channel. "Belarus 2" - it is not only a new name, but also a new format and programs. The TV channel finds a demanded niche in Belarus TV broadcasting - an entertaining usefulness-centered television. According to the concept, entertainment shows and educational programs, popular series and masterpieces of world cinema, sports broadcasts dominate on "Belarus 2".

The information-analytical block is represented on the TV channel by folk program "Belarusian Vremechko", special project "Reporter of the Belarusian Time" and the program "Weather News".

Broadcasts, results of key games and key events in various sports, sports news and analysis, expert evaluation and interviews with famous athletes - everything about sport in the new season on TV channel Belarus 2. Popular sport programs - "Football Time", "Overtime" and "Sport Shot".

In the new season young TV viewers can see "Captains Cove" and "Extracurricular Hour". From Monday through Friday a new children's program "Cheerful Globe" is televised on the TV channel. Young TV viewers can travel and visit various parts of our planet.

The scientific and educational block on the channel is introduced by the program "Labyrinth" and the new project "Human Body". The creators of the latter show blast all myths and stereotypes about the human body.

Entertainment block is the foundation of the channel's content. Viewers have the opportunity to watch popular projects "Eat and Get Slim" "Serendipity", "School of Repair", "Psychic Battle", "Female Council", "Morning", "Screen Test". Movie screening "Belarus 2" has launched the new season which introduces the most recent movie premieres and the masterpieces of both world and Soviet cinematography to the viewers.
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