21 December 2014
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Technical parameters

Technical parameters for receiving "Belarus 24" through "Express-AM22" satellite:

53º east longitude
Receiving frequency - 11161 MHz
Polarization - vertical
Symbol rate - 5787 symbols per second
FEC - 3/4
Channel name - BELARUS 24

Technical parameters for receiving "Belarus 24" through "Galaxy 19" satellite:

97º W
Receiving frequency - 11898 MHz
Polarization - V
Symbol rate - 22000 Msymbol/s
Modulation - QPSK
FEC - 3/4

Mail form

Producing Center of "Belarus 24" channel Marketing Department
9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 220807, Belarus
Tel. (+375-17) 389 61 46, (+375-17) 389 61 43
Fax: (+375-17) 267 84 32
E-mail: belarus-tv@tvr.by

Belarus 24
We prepared New Year`s present for our viewers. On January 1 2013 the international satellite channel Belarus-TV will be transformed into Belarus 24. On the first day of the New Year the channel Belarus 24 will be aired in a new format. New logo means new TV projects, new names and line-up. The mission is to reflect the Belarusian and international, political, social, and cultural realities proposing objective information, topical projects and exclusive film representation.

International satellite TV channel "Belarus-TV" was launched on February 1, 2005. The channel was founded by the National State TV and Radio Company for foreign audience, primarily for Russian- and Belarusian-speaking people who live abroad and wish to receive true and complete information about Belarus.

"Belarus-TV" is a 24 hours state non-commercial TV channel that broadcasts outside Belarus and provides information ties of ethnic Belarusian with historical motherland. The broadcasting is carried out in Russian and Belarusian languages.

"Belarus-TV" targets expansion of Belarusian information presence in the world, formation of positive image and strengthening positions of Belarus at the international arena.

"Belarus-TV" channel is a part of structure of the National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus that consists of Belarus 1, "Belarus 2" TV Channel, 5 regional TV and radio divisions, First National Channel of Belarusian Radio, "Culture" radio channel, radio stations "Belarus", "Stolitsa" and "Radius-FM".

The channel presents information and analytical programs, socio-political projects, documentary, history and culture of Belarus, sport, music and entertainment, childrens programs and featured movies - the best of biggest Belarusian producers of TV, cinema and video product.

At first programs of "Belarus-TV" were broadcasted through Intelsat 904 satellite. Starting May 7, 2007 programs of the channel are broadcasted through "Express-AM22" satellite that will provide coverage of Russian territory (Kaliningrad to the Urals), states of CIS, Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

"Belarus-TV" has a broadcasting license on the territory of Russia's Federation.

Programs of "Belarus-TV" are available on-line at Belteleradiocompanys web site.

In accordance to researches of Belarusian and Russian sociologists "Belarus-TV" is very popular in the regions were included into cable operators packages. The audiences choice may be explained by "socially responsible" direction of the channels programs. "Belarus-TV" pays mach attention to childrens, educational and socio-political broadcasting.

"Belarus-TV" channel was called the event of the year in Eurasian information field during 8th Eurasian TV Forum held on November 9-13, 2005 in Moscow. Belteleradiocompany was awarded with a special diploma for formation common information field of Eurasia and a special memorial medal.

For a number of information materials about the Union State "Belarus-TV" was marked by a special diploma and the winners sign at the contest of journalistic works "Belarus-Russia. Step into the Future" held by the Union State Standing Committee over 2005.

On March 28, 2008, Belarus-TV began to broadcast on the satellite Galaxy 19 (97ºW), which covers the territory of North America. This means owners of over 2 million antennae in the U.S. and Canada, as well as residents of Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico now have a chance to watch Belarusian television.

Belarus-TV broadcasts within the framework of the GlobeCast WorldTV Service which, apart from the Belarusian channel, distributes over 200 international and radio channels in 35 languages from 42 countries.

In 2009, the National State TV and Radio Company of Belarus signed a contract with Russian Media Group, LLC (New Jersey) about the distribution of the television channel Belarus'TV in the United States of America. Starting April 15, subscribers of RTN Platinum will be able to pick up Belarusian programs.

RTN Platinum is a package consisting of eight Russian-language channels distributed by Russian Media Group, LLC day and night. At the moment it includes RTN, RTN+, First Channel (Russia), RTR-Planeta, Vesti, Israel +, Russian World, Belarus'TV and four radio channels.

RTN Platinum subscribers are found in 1,100 cities of 39 states. Most of the viewers live in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston.

"Belarus-TV" continues working over expansion of broadcasting in cable networks abroad and increase of the viewing audience.

Currently the potential audience of "Belarus-TV" channel is about 220 million viewers.

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