23 September 2014
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Belarus 1
9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 220807, Belarus
Fax: (+375-17) 389-63-12

Belarus 1
Belarus 1
"Belarus 1" television channel offers original content, which is defined by genre and thematic diversity.
The new 2011-2012 TV season of the television news agency retains its status as the main news source of the country. The daily volume of information and information-analytical broadcasting on the "Belarus 1" channel has been increased. The news blocks, "Panorama" program, "In the Focus of Attention" have changed the graphic "packaging" in accordance with the new styling of the channel. "Business Trip", "Topical Interview" and "Special Report" auteur projects retain their place in the broadcasting schedule.
Thematic special projects "Field of Interest" and "Business Life" linger on issues of economic life in the country and abroad, whilst "Land Question" dwells mainly on the problems of rural and agro-industrial complex, "Arena" and "Sports Day" programs talk on the major events in the world of sports.
123-episode series "Land of Belarus" is one of the longest projects presented by the news agency. "Zone X" crime report is now aired daily in the evenings; meanwhile the weekly outcome is presented every Friday in a larger format.
The viewers of "Belarus 1" watch the series of exclusive interviews "Dialogues on Civilization" with renown experts who specialize in politics, economics, religion, migration, culture, philosophy and sociology.
Entertaining and educational program "Everything in Its Right Place" is a journey throughout our country. You can meet interesting people, see the sights and beautiful places that are located off the beaten track, learn the recipes of local cuisine, as well as sort out the offers of the roadside service.
Talk show "Not Only Woman Knows" with Tamara Lisitskaya reveals male and female perspective on the most common problems that people face every day.
Program "Health" is aired in talk-show format.
The authors of the popular science program "Comfort Zone" raise burning questions on ecology, hold experiments with the use of the latest technical developments and consult with the most eminent specialists.
The show "To Mother-in-Law for Pancakes" is a culinary competition in which two family couples participate under the guidance of the fun and of deft tongue mother-in-law. In the weekly video magazine for car-lovers "Transmission".
Popular program about the cultural and social life of Minsk, Belarus and the whole world "Cultural People" with Alina Kravtsova.

Besides, famous and popular projects - infotainment "Good Morning, Belarus!", informative health program "Medical Secrecies with Doctor A.Tereschenko", video magazine on the news of military life "Arsenal", educational program "Essence" which acquaints the TV viewers with the history and philosophy of Christianity and which speaks about religious holidays, churches and sacred places of Belarus, the auteur documentary project of Oleg Lukashevich "Epoch" which presents the biographies of distinguished and honored people natives of Belarus.
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