18 December 2014
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Belarus 1
9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 220807, Belarus
Fax: (+375-17) 389-63-12

Belarus 1
Belarus 1
"The world is one and Belarus is one". This motto was united by the principal TV channel of the country in the new season. Uniting continents and bringing nations together Belarus 1 invites the audience to make a wonderful journey, full of discoveries, meetings, bright impressions and emotions.

In the beginning of TV season 2014-205 the creative crew of Belteleradiocompany will travel about the country visiting big cities and small towns and looking for the talents of the original project "I can". The most talented participant will receive a prize of 100 million Belarusian rubles. The diaries of the project will be appearing in the program "Good morning, Belarus" starting September 29.

Nothing makes people as close as culture. The renewed project "Culinary Diplomacy" means meetings with interesting people, who will share their observations about Belarus, tell about the customs and traditions of their people and reveal the secrets of interesting national dishes.

The participants of the program are diplomats, representatives of embassies, accredited in Belarus, members of national diasporas and foreign guests.

China, Germany, USA, France, South Korea, Israel, Latvia and Italy - this is a short geography of the project. Among the representatives and guests there will be representatives of UNICEF, EU head of mission in Minsk Maira, Jean-Yves Bouchardy. The program is hosted by the journalist of TV Infoservice Larissa Guliakevich.

Egor Khrustalev's project "An evening of big day" will feature meetings with the celebrities of music, cinema and sport, as well as discussions on relevant issues. Among the guests of the program there will be director Krzysztof Zanussi and one of the greatest sages of contemporaneity Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The project "Belarusian Time" will keep a close touch with the viewers and its hosts will not be indifferent to any problems of people.

The program "A Day in a City" is a program for women and about women. Various important issues related to various aspects of life will be raised during the program. The program will be hosted by Natalia Volkova-Kvashevich, Tamara Goncharova, Svetlana Krasovskaya, Ekaterina Kuznetova, Alesya Lesnikova, Valentina Misheneva, Olga Plotnikova, Olga Soroko, Inna Yugova and Olga Nefedova.

In the new project "Big TV" Olga Medvedeva will present a digest of the events of the upcoming week, premieres and original projects of the main media holding of the country.
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