22 December 2014
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December, 2014

24.01.2012 8:58

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Belarusian Thai boxer Yuri Bessmertny wins prestigious European tournament.

By Alexander Smirnov: Fight Code version is even more popular than K-1 today. A graduate of sport club Chinuk, Yuri Bessmertny defeated the favorite of the public Armen Petrosian in the 1/4and conquered the hearts of the critics.
(Andrey Grindin, chief coach of the fighting club Chinuk (Minsk)
The fighting record of Sudsakorn included 282 battles, 240 victories and 56 knockouts. The biography of Yuri Bessmertny is 10 more modest.
(Yuri Bessmertny, boxer of the fighting club Chinuk (Minsk)
Journalists left only 3% for the victory of Bessmertny and only Yuri himself was sure of his victory. Ultimately, only the final gong saved Sudsakorn from knockout.
(Sergey Ivanovich, director of the fighting club Chinuk (Minsk)
This victory proves that the Belarusian school of martial arts is one of the strongest in the world and Chinuk is a forge of the champions.

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