Jamala from Ukraine becomes winner of international song contest Eurovision-2016 

Финал Евровидения

The Ukrainian singer won with the total of 534 points. Australian entrant Dami Im took the second place with 511 points. The third place at Eurovision-2016 was taken by Russian participant Sergey Lazarev (491 points).

Artists from 42 countries presented their songs at the contest. The intrigue remained until the end of the show.
The live broadcast was held by the TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24, as well as by the website of BTRC tvr.by.

IVAN to performed No. 5 in second Eurovision semi-final


The second semi-final of Eurovision was held in Sweden yesterday. The live broadcast of the show was provided by TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24.

According to the results of the voting 20 countries will perform in the final: Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Israel, Lithuania, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Russia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Armenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta. They will perform in the Eurovision final together with the Big Five (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK) and Sweden as the winner of last year’s contest.


On 12 May Stockholm (Sweden) will host the second semi-final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. A live broadcast of the show will begin at 22:00 on the television channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24, as well as on Belteleradiocompany’s website www.tvr.by.

Belarus’ representative IVAN (Alexander Ivanov) will perform his song Help You Fly at number 5. The second semi-final will also feature contestants from Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Serbia, Ireland, Macedonia, Lithuania, Australia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ukraine, Norway, Georgia, Albania and Belgium. Romania, which was supposed to perform under number 12, was disqualified by the organisers shortly before the contest due to non-payment of debt.

Countries taking part in the contest, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy have the right to vote in the second semi-final. Telephone numbers for voting will be announced by commentators and graphically displayed during the live broadcast. In accordance with the contest rules, Belarusian viewers can not vote for the song representing their country.

Europe’s main music show will be commented on by Belteleradiocompany’s TV News Agency journalist Evgeny Perlin.

Belarusian participant of the International Song Contest Eurovision-2016 IVAN (Sasha Ivanov) has held the first individual rehearsal in Stockholm.

On the third day of rehearsals ten participants of the second semi-final of Eurovision-2016 went on stage of Globe Arena for the first time. Journalists almost missed IVAN’s appearance on the scene as they were looking at the silhouette of a naked singer and wolves in the 3D-view. The Belarusian participant intrigued journalists and surprised them with his show and romantic vocals.

According to the rules of Eurovision, each participant is given 30 minutes of individual rehearsals to improve the performance and vocals on stage, as well as 20 minutes at a press conference with journalists.


Official Belarusian delegation to leave for Eurovision Song Contest on May, 2

Individual rehearsals of Belarusian participant of the international song contest Eurovision-2016 IVAN (Sasha Ivanov) will be held in Stockholm on May, 4 and 7.

Ivan will perform on May, 12, in the second semifinal at number 5 with the composition Help you fly. Before the performances in the semi-finals IVAN will make several dress rehearsals, including a show for the jury and the family show. If the Belarusian singer reaches the final of the music forum, he will compete in the main show, which will be held in the evening on May, 14.

The news concerning IVAN and his team during the competition week will be presented by the TV News Agency of BTRC, in the program Good Morning, Belarus!, as well as in special diaries.

Belarusian viewers choose official representative at Eurovision-2016. According to the results of audience voting, the winner of the national selection and - respectively - the official representative of our country at the international competition is IVAN. 

The name of the winner was announced live on the TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24. Live broadcast of the show was held by the website of the media holding tvr.by, by the website of the European Broadcasting Union eurovision.tv and by the radio station Radius FM.

For the first time the official representative of our country at the international prestigious competition was determined by the results of the audience voting.

Ivan, the official representative of Belarus at Eurovision, will perform his composition "Help you fly" No. 5 in the second semi-final Eurovision-2016.

The organizers of the competition announced the final order of performance in the semi-finals.

The sequence numbers of participants of Eurovision-2016 semifinals this year is determined by the producers of the show. According to organizers, this approach makes the show more watchable and effectively in terms of organization.

The first semi-final, May 10: 1. Finland; 2. Greece; 3. Moldova; 4. Hungary; 5. Croatia; 6. The Netherlands; 7. Armenia; 8 San Marino; 9. Russia; 10. Czech Republic; 11. Cyprus; 12. Austria; 13. Estonia; 14. Azerbaijan; 15. Montenegro; 16. Iceland; 17. Bosnia and Herzegovina; 18. Malta.

The second semi-final: May 12: 1. Latvia 12; 2. Poland; 3. Switzerland; 4. Israel; 5. Belarus; 6. Serbia; 7. Ireland; 8. Macedonia; 9. Lithuania; 10. Australia; 11. Slovenia; 12. Romania; 13. Bulgaria; 14. Denmark; 15. Ukraine; 16. Norway; 17. Georgia; 18. Albania; 19. Belgium.

The International Song Contest Eurovision-2016 will be held in Sweden On May 10-14.

The live broadcast of the two semifinals and the final will be traditionally provided by BTRC channels: Belarus 1 and the international satellite TV channel Belarus 24.

IVAN (Alexander Ivanov) is a young and talented musician of Victor Drobysh Producer Centre. Born on October 29, 1994 in Gomel (Belarus). Started musical career in 2009. Winner of  "5 Stars -2014" young artists contest. Super finalist of "Main Stage - 2015" TV Project. Laureate of "Producers’ Choice" Award at the "Main Stage 2015" TV Project. Representative of Belarus at Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Alexander is an ordinary guy from Belarus with an exceptional voice, who decided to follow his dream. Universe favored him and he found his lifework.
For the sake of becoming an artist Alexander left linguistic university after two years of studying. He started musical career in 2009 during Rock Festival Mass Medium Fest try-out. Then foundedabandIvanovandmovedtoSt. Petersburgtopromotehisart.Moving forward to his main goal Alexander passed an audition for the "Choir Battle" TV project, where he represented St. Petersburg in a band stage-managed by famous Russian producer and composer Victor Drobysh. It was the first big TV project in a musical career of young artist. Then in 2014 Alex won the all-Russian contest of young artists "5 Stars". 


The year 2015 became a true gift for Alexander. He passed an audition for the “Main Stage” TV project (one of the most popular TV shows on Russian TV), where he placed 2nd and won the "Producers’ Choice" Award.It was a lucky ticket to the world of show business. Victor Drobysh officially became Alexander’s producer.

Both of them turned out to be of Belarusian origin - a fact that decided Alexander’s participation in Belarusian national Selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

New period in Alexander's life started with new name. For the performance of the song "Help you fly” at Belarusian national Selection for ESC Alexander adopted a pseudonym IVAN. IVAN is a bright modern Knight bringing peace and light to the world, a synthesis of medieval knight Ivanhoe and a Slavic bogatyr Ivan. Victor Drobysh, IVAN's producer: "I believe IVAN to be the most talented person in modern creative industry, that guy from Gomel. He is my hope, he is my retirement, he is my pride. Once I am through with him I’ll be able to retire comfortably. I’ll be watching the TV saying – that’s my guy!”
Ballad "Help you fly" is not just a song! It’s a beginning of a new story, new image and new hero - IVAN. The song was produced by a creative team directed by Victor Drobysh. 

The creator of "musical soul" was Victor Drobysh. The English lyrics, which became the final version of the song after the adaptation, were written by Alexander Ivanov (IVAN)and TimofeyLeontievin co-author with Mary Susan Applegate.Timofey Leontiev, AdreySlonchinski and Milos Raymond Rosas created sound and arrangement.

Victor Drobysh is a Distinguished artist of Russian Federation, producer and composer, founder and General Director of National Music Corporation, Ltd. Author of the "Party For Everybody" hit, which lead the "BuranovskieBabushki" band, representative of Russia, to the 2nd place at Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. 

Victor Drobysh has one more success concerned with Eurovision. In 2007 as producer of DmitriyKoldun Victor Drobysh with a professional team could lead Belarus to the Eurovision Final. It was the first time in Belarus history. DmitriyKoldun got 6th place in that Song Contest.

In October 24, 2015 President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko honored Victor Drobysh with the Order of Francysk Skaryna (one of the main Awards of the Republic) for a high creative level, considerable personal input into the development and consolidation of cultural relations between Russia and Belarus.