22 December 2014
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December, 2014

30.11.2011 19:05

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Flights of helicopter Mi-24 in Republic of Belarus temporarily suspended.

Now the special commission of the Defense Ministry is working in Pruzhany District. The tragedy took place tonight. The crew of three people was killed on impact.

Svetlana Vechorko reports: The special commission of the Defense Ministry hasn't given any comments for the press yet.
(Alexander Semenchuk, witness)
The helicopter crashed in a small forest near the village of Novye Zasimovichi. As the official report of the military department runs - during the execution of training flights upon landing. According to eyewitnesses, thick fog fell the previous evening.
(Pyotr Solovich, resident on Novye Zasimovichi, Pruzhany District)
Fallen Mi-24 was exactly the same as that one established in Pruzhany in memory of the fallen pilots in Afghanistan. Three people were killed.

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