19 December 2014
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December, 2014

26.09.2010 15:01

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Belarus says goodbye to the pilots of crashed MIG.

The funeral ceremony took place in Baranovichi in the hall of the House of Officers this morning. Military honors were given to the heroes in the presence of Defense Minister Yuri Zhadobin and commanding units of all types and branches of the armed forces. Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Kovalenko and Major Alexander Zhigaylo didn't allow the crash of the jet on the village close to the Hotynichi, not far from Gantsevichi by the cost of their lives, September, 23. That day they committed the training flights. Funerals of Sergei Kovalenko will be held today in Bereza. Last farewell to Major Alexander Zhigaylo will take place in Mogilev tomorrow. Special commission is working on the investigation of the disaster. All flights of MiG-29 above Belarus are prohibited starting from Friday.

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