21 December 2014
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December, 2014

29.07.2009 15:59

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Magdeburg Rights granted to Minsk 510 years ago.

The Magdeburg Law or Rights was the privilege, which guaranteed fully legitimate autonomy. For simple people it meant great possibilities, because the city received an emblem, a city magistrate, a City Hall and other privileges.
Elena Bormotova reports: 140 cities, towns and villages were granted the Magdeburg Rights in Belarus. The first one was Vilnius, in 1382. Minsk was the sixth one.
The Magdeburg Law was granted to Minsk in 1499. The city created its magistrate. Later the system of measures appeared, that contributed to the economic development of Minsk. The food quality standards and standards of craftsmen's goods were worked out. The City Hall was built and the city emblem was confirmed only in 1591.
(Sergei Vecher, Director of the National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus: "The city was ruled by the special man "voit". There were two chambers: "rada" and "lava". Their members took important decisions about their autonomy.")
The City hall is the prototype of the nowadays' city executive committee. The Magdeburg Law was annulled when Belarus became the part of the Russian Empire.

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