22 December 2014
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Press Release

Family reality tour Mirny Tour starts on Belarus 1

The TV Infoservice of Belteleradiocompany launches a new original project on Belarus 1. The premiere of the show will be demonstrated on satellite TV channel Belarus 24

The principal characters of the show are the family of the Olympic champion champion Max Mirny, who reveals the most beautiful places of Belarus for his family and the audience of the country. Besides, the viewers will also be able to witness the personal life of the tennis player and his relations with the family: his wife Ksenia, children Melania, Peter and Demid, father Nikolai Mirny. Together they visit Vitebsk, Polotsk, Braslav, Grodno, Lida, Nesvizh, Mir and other towns. The travel ended in Minsk. They were accompanied by the shooting crew of TV Infoservice Yuri Yaroshik and Konstantin Pridybailo. The TV viewers will have a unique opportunity to see nice places and beautiful landscapes of our country. On the Year of Hospitality and World Hockey Cup 2014 they could become quite attractive for foreign guests. Moreover that Mirny Tour will be demonstrated on satellite TV channel Belarus 24, pointed out Director General of TV Infoservice Kirill Kazakov

During the tour Mirny organized a large-scale cultural, entertainment and sport program. Mirny dedicated a part of this vacation time to the children's tournament in Vitebsk.

The first part of the reality show will be demonstrated on TV channel Belarus 1 on April 13 at 15.30.

The second series of the project will be demonstrated by Belarus 1 on April 13, at 15.30. By the way, Max and Ksenia visited Vitebsk about 10 years ago on the day of their marriage.

In Vitebsk Max is going to hold an international junior tennis tournament. Ksenia and the children will have a walk about the city and Nikolai Nikolaevich will jump from the 5th floor...
The project of Mirny Tour will be released by TV Channel Belarus 1 on Saturdays and Sundays. In total, the viewers will see 8 series of the reality show.
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