21 December 2014
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Radio: 1st Channel

Radio Station "Belarus"


Belarusian Radio
4, Krasnaya St., Minsk 220807, Belarus
Tel.: (+375-17) 284 84 24
Fax: (+375-17) 290 62 42
E-mail: radio1@tvr.by


November 15, 1925 saw the ceremonial introduction of the first radio-broadcasting terminal in the city of Minsk. The same day at 06:30 PM the words "You are listening to Minsk!" were wirelessly broadcast for the first time. That is how the Belarusian Radio started.
Today Belarusian radio is a modern, highly-technological structure that consists of two national channels and 3 radio stations.

1 канал радио 1st Channel
The "trademark" of the Belarusian Radio is the First National Channel - the largest radio channel in Belarus. Efficiency and accessibility form the base of broadcasting priorities.
Радиостанция Беларусь Radio Station "Belarus"
The call sign of the Radio Belarus has been present in the short waves on international air ever since 11 May 1962. Originally the programs were broadcast in Belarusian. In 1985, broadcasting in German was launched, and in 1998 followed its Russian and English versions. Since 2006 radio has started broadcasting in the Polish. 2010 saw the launch of French and Spanish-language programming, while in 2012 our first programs in Chinese were aired.
Радио Сталіца Radio "Stolitsa"
Ever since our birth on September 21, 1998, our creed has been "Radio Stolitsa is Our Radio". We faced a big challenge of creating a government-run Belarusian-language FM radio station that can potentially compete with current non-state broadcasters.
Канал Культура Channel "Culture"
Belarusian Radio’s Channel "Culture" commenced work on January 1, 2002 with the idea to promote the finest achievements of national and global culture.
Радиус-FM "Radius FM"
"Radius FM" radio station first hit the air on July 12, 2003, at 6 AM in Minsk. "Radius FM", aimed at the active part of the population, broadcasts contemporary music, news and useful information. Its popular DJs create a good mood and give away presents. The radio station runs 24/7 on the whole territory of Belarus. The official website is radiusfm.by.


Every Sunday at 6:00 PM the First National Channel of Belarusian radio will broadcast "Remember the Name of Yours" show. It will be radio meetings of friends, relatives, former soldiers who haven't head of each other for decades. Taking lives of people the program will analyze fates of citizens of different states, families and social groups.

The program will be also dedicated to search for unknown soldiers, heroes of the war and places of burial. All the willing have the opportunity to take part in the program.

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