20 December 2014
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9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 220807, Belarus
Fax: +(375 17) 267-81-82

TV Channel "NTV-Belarus" started broadcasting on 4 July, 2006 in accordance with the agreement between "Telecompany NTV" and Belteleradiocompany. The broadcasting is founded on the base of the TV Channel "NTV", one of the most rated Russia's federal channels.
"NTV-Belarus" is the Belarusian state commercial channel broadcasting on the territory of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the concept, broadcasting grid, and software of the "NTV" channel.
The products of the NTV television station, produced by Russia, as well as the best Russian and foreign movies and series form the basis of the TV channel "NTV-Belarus".

TV channel "NTV-Belarus" retains in its air the best NTV programs loved by many viewers, such as "Women's View", "Housing Issue", "Program Maximum", "Profession: Reporter", "Russian sensations" and many others.

You can check out new and old NTV projects on the Web site www.ntv.ru.

TV channel "NTV-Belarus" tries to adhere to the concept of the "NTV" Channel in the selection of formats.

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