25 July 2014
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July, 2014




30 April 21:15

Alyona Lanskaya holds 1st rehearsal with artists from Serbia and Republic of South Africa

After returning from Serbia, where Alyona Lanskaya was preparing choreography, the team has started to work with backup singers from Serbia and the Republic of South Africa.

By Evgeny Perlin: The vocal coach Alex Panayi in 1995 represented his native Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest.
As for the performance itself, Alyona Lanskaya will enter the stage together with two dancers and three backing vocalists who will dance too. People’s Artist Alexander Tikhanovich also came to support the team.
The backup singers are Ana Masulovic and Maria Lazic from Serbia and Willem Botha from the Republic of South Africa.
While Alyona Lanskaya is diligently preparing for the competition, the “Solayoh” music video scored more than two million views on Youtube.
Alex Panayi, Alyona Lanskaya’s vocal coach (Cyprus): “This year the popularity of Eurovision has skyrocketed. Despite the fact that Europe has been reducing funding for culture all countries are trying to get to the Eurovision Song Contest and represent themselves in the best way possible”.
On Saturday morning the Belarusian delegation will go to Malmo.

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