22 December 2014
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Junior Eurovision Song Contest - 2010. Opening ceremony.
Junior Eurovision Song Contest - 2010.
"On the City Streets"
"Faces of the Contest"
Film of TV Infoservice "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010: Off Stage"
Film of TV Infoservice "Kids of Eurovision"
Kids of Eurovision
Hot Interview with Svante Stockselius.
All Films of TV Infoservice "Children of Eurovision"
Junior Eurovision 2010

Belteleradiocompany honored with gold medal and diploma at contest "Brand of Year 2010"

"Brand of the Year 2010" Belteleradiocompany entered the number of winners of the 10th National Contest "Brand of the Year 2010" and was honored with the most reputable national award in the sphere of branding - gold medal and winner's diploma in the Professional Nomination of the Contest "Culture and Art".
Belteleradiocompany with the brand "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010" was one of the 43 participants which applied for professional nominations, which assumed the creation of a professional brand-package. An international jury determined the best among the nominees basing on the estimations of the professional packages of the brands' presentations. According to the Director General, managing partner of the company "Advanter Group" (Kiev, Ukraine) Andrei Dligach, each year the contest sets a high bar, which allows not just to estimate the development of the marketing in Belarus, but to show the directions for its reinforcement.
"Brand of the Year 2010" The deserved award of Belteleradiocompany - the "gold" in the Professional Nomination - certifies the high estimation, which specialists from different countries, who were part of the International Professional Jury of the Contest, gave to the strategy and positioning, as well as the image individuality, the complex of marketing communications and the promotion of the brand "Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010".
We remind you that the "Brand of the Year" is a professional contest, which is held according to international standards EFFIE and is accredited by this organization. "Brand of the Year" allows improving the dynamic of the consumer's behavior at the home market, contributes to the development and strengthening of Belarusian brands. It ought to be noted that TV and radio channels of Belteleradiocompany have participated in the "Brand of the Year" many times and have been honored with the contest awards.

EBU thanks Beltelearadiocompany for excellently organized Junior Eurovision 2010

Junior Eurovision Song Contest - 2010 In the letter sent to Belteleradiocompany, Executive Supervisor of Junior Eurovision Song Contest Svante Stockselius and Acting Director of TV EBU Department Jorgen Frank on behalf of Chairman of Junior Eurovision Executive Committee Steve De Coninck - De Boeck and EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre extend thanks for the first-rate show and fruitful cooperation and noted excellent organization of the contest.

"The show was fantastic in every respect, organization - excellent. We saw children had a real holiday. You cared for them very well throughout the week. It is wonderful that all the previous contest winners sang at the show, and your cooperation with UNICEF was creative and professional", - the letter says.

EBU representatives have also noted with satisfaction extremely high public interest in the contest, magnificent design and stage arrangement, outstanding hosts, impeccable camerawork, excellent general maintenance and teleproduction.

The letter also says: "We understand grandness and complexity of the task on organization of such an event, and we congratulate you on success in our collaboration. We thank all your highly professional and friendly team!"
Junior Eurovision Song Contest - 2010

40 thousand spectators and 10 million TV viewers witnessed a bright show in Minsk: the biggest stage in history of Eurovision, incredible light and music, grandiose scenery. The European Broadcasting Union called Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 one of the best for the history of the contest. Representatives of delegations of the countries were also happy, especially, Armenia. After all they won the main prize - the victory in this popular show. Daniil Kozlov's "Light of Music" in TOP 5 Best Songs.

By Ivan Mihailov:
The main prize goes to Armenia. 12-year-old Vladimir Arzumanian became the winner of the show. "It is like in my dream" are the first words of Vladimir Arzumaniana for the first press conference in his life.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest - 2010 Vladimir managed to lose sight of his prize twice. The first time he lost it at the stage, and later when he was leaving Minsk Arena. But it returned to him in both cases.
Russia, Georgia, Armenia occupied the first line in voting rating.
Minsk Arena supported the Belarusian singer incredibly. With the first chords of "Moonlight Sonata" performed by Daniil Kozlov viewing stands got so loud that windows began trembling in the complex. Daniil Kozlov placed fifth.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest - 2010According to representatives of the European Broadcasting Union, Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Minsk became the best for all the history of its carrying and one of the brightest music shows of this year in Europe: incredible light and music, grandiose scenery, 17 thousand spectators at Minsk Arena, 10 million TV viewers from twenty countries of several continents.
(Svante Stokselius, Executive Supervisor of Eurovision Song Contests: "This is an absolutely great show, one of the best for my entire career and we may say it has been held at the same level as adult Eurovision.)

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