23 December 2014
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Anastasia Vinnikova

Anastasia Vinnikova will go out on stage with song "I love Belarus!". The song was composed by Evgeniy Oleinik and Svetlana Geraskova.
Lyrics to "I love Belarus!" song
Anastasia Vinnikova "I love Belarus!" "I love Belarus!" Watch
Eurovision 2011

Belarus to sing #16 in Eurovision-2011semi-final

Anastasia VinnikovaA meeting of the heads of national delegations of international contest Eurovision-2011 took place in Germany. It was attended by representatives of all 43 members-states, who presented final versions of the songs for their release on the official disc of the contest and videos. The allocation draw held on March 15 determined the order of participation. Anastasia Vinnikova, representative of Belarus, was itemized under #16 in the second semi-final of the contest.

In the second semi-final, scheduled for May 12 in Dusseldorf, Germany, Belarus will compete with Latvia, the Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Belgium and other countries. The first semi-final will take place on May 10 and the final competition will be held on May 14.

"I love Belarus" is the song, which will be performed by a representative of Belarus Anastasia Vinnikova. The song was composed by Belarusian authors Evgeni Oleinik and Svetlana Geraskova.

A song for Eurovision should awake an echo in the hearts of the audience. A theme of self-identification is relevant for many European nations. That is why we composed a song about Belarus. I hope that people support us in our striving to tell about our country and vote for it, said the author of the song Evgeni Oleinik.

A dominating sound of cembalos is heard among other music instruments. - I have always dreamt to connect Eurovision and ethnic theme. I was surprised to see many Belarusian contestants to neglect our national color. The choice of instrument is not accidental. We will try to gain points in our semi-final. Cembalo is also a national instrument of Moldova, Romania and other countries performing in the second semi-final, added Evgeni Oleinik.

A video for the composition was finished just before the departure of the Belarusian delegation to Dusseldorf. It was directed by Alexander Potapov, who made the so-called "billboard video" or art video visiting card. The 3-minute-long video is not stodgy with plotlines. An emphasis is laid on the performer and the song. The video features pieces of ballet (dancers in national costumes), back vocal and a cembalist. A lot of illumination and light diode equipment was used during the shooting.

Anastasia Vinnikova

Anastasia VinnikovaAnastasia Vinnikova - representative of Belarus at International Song Contest "Eurovision-2011" in Germany.
Anastasia was born on April 15, 1991 in Dzerzhinsk, Minsk Region. She began singing when she was 3 years old, in play school. She continued when she was 5 in the City Culture Center. She participated in multiple contests and festivals, among which is the children's contest "We All Come from Childhood". She finished the "choir department" of a music school. Anastasia finished school with a gold medal, after which she won admission to the Translation Faculty of the Minsk State Linguistic University. She worked with Vasily Rainchik and studied vocal with Tatiana Glazunova. The songs for the young artist were written by the famous Belarusian author Evgeniy Oleinik.

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