19 December 2014
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December, 2014

02.08.2011 9:30

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Professional architect Igor Karpov brings to National History Museum canvases with pictorial and graphic arts.

Ilona Butovskaya reports: Igor Karpov is both a famous Belarusian architect, who designs houses interior, and an artist. He paints surrealist pictures.
(Igor Karpov, architect, artist)
At first he painted landscape, still life, portraits. Then he switched to expressive, bright colors. He decided to organize another personal exhibition, displaying the pieces of art pained for the last 7 years.
(Stanislav Fedchenko, architect, friend of Igor Karpov)
The artist can't explain what exactly is imaged on his works. His pieces of art reflect his feelings, response to what was happening around him. Topics are very different: philosophic, sacral and mythological.
(Mikhail Gaukhfeld, First Deputy Chairman of the Belarus Union of Artists, friend of Igor Karpov)
The very few people of the older generation paint surrealist works in Belarus. In actual fact the market is free, but Igor Karpov doesn't rush to sell his masterpieces. More often he presents them to friends and acquaintances.

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