20 December 2014
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December, 2014

29.05.2008 10:05

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Triumph of Belarusian literature. Nika Rakitina from Gomel is acknowledged best young science fiction author in Europe at "Eurocon-2008" - science fiction festival.

The festival has been held starting 1972. Belarus took part in the action for the first time and received a prestigious award at once. The novel "Gonitwa" is written is the genre of historical fantasy.

Elena Bormotova: Nika Rakitina is the name that impressed Europe right away. Her first published novel "Gonitwa" was acknowledged the best at the festival-contest of Europe. "Gonitwa" is a mixture of Belarusian history and national mythology. The revolt of 1830 in the made up state Leytawa is laid into the foundation of the plot. The Great Principality of Lithuania may be easily recognized. It is the book about Belarus that is unknown to the majority of readers. It is the book about the state from sea to sea, the second largest in Europe. There has been nothing like this since the time of Korotekevich. There are no transformations or time travels there but there are historical realities and Belarusian mythology, love drama and detective story in the book.
(Nina Rakitina, writer)
The name Nika Rakitina - penname of Ludmila Bogdanova - is now in one list with the Strugatskie's brothers, Kir Bulyhev, Sergey Lukianenko and Harry Harrison. They also were laureates of the European Science Fiction Union.
(Arkady Ruch, literature critic, official representative of the Republic of Belarus in the European Science Fiction Union)
"Gonitwa" and its author have made a real breakthrough in Belarusian literature. It will soon be translated into Belarusian.

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