21 December 2014
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December, 2014

03.03.2010 15:50

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Today is International Writers Day.

This date was approved by an international pen-club in London 24 years ago. The holiday is not only a possibility to congratulate literary figures, but also an occasion to have a careful glance at their works.

Julia Cherginets reports: Modern literature is close and unfamiliar to a reader. The paradox is explained by a wide choice of works.
(Oksana Bezlepkina, writer, critic, teacher of the Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University: "I place an emphasis on the modern literature in order to show students other texts. I offer fantasy in order students can see that we have not only classics".)
It is difficult to define borders of modern literature, because it is still created today. Its beginning is, conditionally, considered to be 90s. Today writers experiment and don't neglect already familiar themes. The Union of Writers of Belarus implements three projects this year. A series of books of writers-veterans will be issued specially to the Victory Day. Young creators participate in the project "Fantasy and Adventures", where there were already 14 volumes, and there will be five more soon.
(Nikolai Cherginets, Chairman of the Union of Writers of Belarus)
Literature of Belarus, together with the world literature, also experienced the shift from a modernism to a postmodern.
(Gennady Pashkov, writer, first secretary of the Union of Writers of Belarus: "The writer is a self-sacrificing person.")
Writers, besides writing of texts, also consider conversations with admirers and critics of their talent as creativity. As well as actors, writers live hundreds of lives. The difference is that they have more freedom and responsibility.

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