18 December 2014
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9, Makayonka Street, Minsk, 220807 TV channel Belarus 5
Belarus 5
Belarus 5 is the first Belarusian national sport state TV channel, providing for implementation of state information politics in the sport live of the Republic of Belarus.

Belarus 5 is a TV channel contributing to healthy lifestyle of the Belarusian society with the help of modern media resources. Healthy lifestyle is one of the priorities of our domestic policy.

The mission of the TV channel is to form the national understanding of the necessity of healthy lifestyle, promotion of the Belarusian sport at large as well as individual disciplines. All sport broadcasts can be divided on two categories: licensed broadcasts and broadcasts of domestic production. Many years of experience our division provides for high level of broadcast of any sport events going on both in Belarus or at any spot of the world.

During the Olympic Games TV channel Belarus 5 will turn into Olympic channel, where one will be able to see all interesting events featuring athletes from Belarus and other countries. The division of sport TV channel Belarus 5 is balanced team of specialists in various fields of sport broadcast: correspondents, commentators, directors, managers.

Beside sport TV broadcasts, the division of TV channel Belarus 5 prepares thematic programs. The channel will air programs about the most popular sports: "Soccer Time" (author and host - Nikolai Khodasevich), Overtime (author Leonid Lakarevich), Factor of Strength (author and host Pavel Baranov).

Our TV broadcasts:

Soccer: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Cup of the Confederacy, World Cup, Europe Cup, Premiere League.
Hockey: CHL, World Cup, Championship of Belarus, games of the national Belarusian soccer tem on various levels.
Biathlon: World Cup, Championship of the World
Track-and Fields: Championship of the World
Tennis: WTA and Big Helmet tournaments
Basketball: VTB Common League
Calisthenics: World Cup
Olympic Games
Handball: Championship of Belarus, Challenge Cup

Our commentators (on-staff and free-lance):

Vladimir Novitsky: soccer, hockey, biathlon
Pavel Baranov: soccer, box
Alexander Tsvechkovsky: soccer, hockey handball, volleyball
Sergey Novikov: soccer, handball
Sergey Matskevoch: soccer, volleyball, tennis, track and fields.
Alexander Dmitriev: soccer, hockey
Alexander Kazukevich: track-and-fields, biathlon, basketball, tennis
Vlada Sorokina: sport gymnastics and calisthenics, water sports
Nikolai Khodasevich: soccer
Svetlana Peramygina: biathlon
Dmitry Gerchikov, Alexey Pyntikov: basketball
Valeria Filiayeva: tennis

Our administration:

Pavel Bulatsky, Director General of TV channel Belarus 5.
Vadim Levada: Deputy Director General of TV channel Belarus 5.
Denis Dudinsky, : Deputy Director General of TV channel Belarus 5.
Vladimir Novistky, Head of the Division of commentators and preparation of thematic programs
Oksana Markovskaya, Head of the Broadcasting Division
Aleksandr Alekseev, Head of the Air Division
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